This page is dedicated to Paradigm Shifts. Our paradigm is our model of reality. Our present health care paradigm in the US has us spending over $3 Trillion (with a T) per year on health care. 90% of this is spent on preventable disease, and the vast majority is spent in the last 2 weeks of ones life. With all the money we spend on health care we still as a nation rank only 37th in terms of health compared to other countries. This paradigm in fact represents a sickness care model!

I believe that better health is not a result of better chemistry.

Check out Deepak Chopras' opinion as he is interviewed by Campbell Brown on CNN.

go to and click on the interview posted Aug 19th/2009

Do you know your stress type?

Stress drives the Top 4 preventable causes of death in America.

Check out this link to find out more about your stress type and how to combat the deleterious effects of stress.

How about your stress score?
Use functional assessment tools to determine the state of stress in your nervous system. Check out our page on Heart Rate Variability, and why you need to know your NSFi score.