"I used to be someone who was very skeptical to the chiropractic world and used to swear by a massage a week to keep my body in good condition. Then I started seeing Doctor Dave Boynton at North Boulder Chiropractic. I found that with seeing Dr. Dave before and after a block of racing he kept my body straight and strong and I didn't need massages as much. Along with the exercises he gave my to do at home my mucles stayed better. His attention to detail is like no one else I have worked with and would well recommend if you have a problem or want to keep your body in good condition do see Doctor Dave.

Jonathan Clarke

Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team

2008 was a rough year for me in terms of injury. I crashed in the Redlands Classic but the major issues arose when I crashed at 50mph in the Tour de Georgia. An accident that saw another cyclist go to hospital with brain hemorrhaging. I landed heavily on my head and neck and immediately had referral pain to the lower right hand side of my back. It was a muscular injury that was very painful with any movement I made.

As a professional cyclist I needed to address this issue as fast as I could. Doctor Boynton was immediately available to me in a time where I was amazed to find that acupuncture, massage and physical therapy were all of limited benefit in terms of my recovery. By analyzing my muscle strength, Doctor Boynton identified that my injury was in fact originating from a different area to the acute pain, and each time I came to see him, I would feel improvement in the amount of pain I was feeling. He saved my season by getting me back on my bike faster and by having me in shape to once again compete at the top level. I finished off the season with some very strong results.

The other great benefit I discovered by working with Doctor Boynton in 2008 was the great sensations involved with regular maintenance. The way I feel on my bicycle is my livelihood and I realized that I was selling myself short in these sensations. I felt centered and strong which showed in my performances.

Doctor Boynton was instrumental to my season last year. It is refreshing to work with a high quality practitioner but somebody who takes the time to listen, to contemplate, and then to put in place a plan to solve the problem. Without seeing Doctor Boynton, you will never know what you are missing out on.

Ben Day

Professional cyclist of 8 years

Multiple Australian representative

National Champion

www.daybydaycyclecoaching.com & www.ben-day.com