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Our office focuses on you and your health!

We know that insurance companies are in the business of focusing on their bottom line, and not your overall health care. Because we are a small office, and considered "out-of-network" for most insurance companies, we do not process insurance billing on our end. This allows us to keep patient costs down and focus more on your treatment. We can, however, provide you with all the paperwork and documentation that is needed for you to submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. We communicate with you, provide you with everything you will need to communicate directly with your insurance company, including statements, procedure codes, diagnosis codes and receipt showing payment.

We also offer a variety of Health Plans and Packages that can be used per individual and for family care. These packages offer significant discounts, additional therapies and function similarly to a punch card... once you pay for these visits, they never expire and you can use them at your discretion! This allows for our patients to not only get immediate care for crisis problems, but to get set up on a regular maintenance schedule allowing them to achieve optimal health.

Our office utilizes advanced computer technology to allow you to see your nervous system and bony structure. We utilize the newest digital X-ray technology which is fast and has the least possible exposure to radiation. This technology also enables us to email you or any other practitioners your Xrays. This high tech approach ensures that we are showing you what is happening within your body and any changes and damages that have occurred.

We also utilize surface EMG and Thermography Scanning to show you the underlying nervous system and balance within your body.

Our expertise and focus on nutritional assessments is another important facet of your care.

As you can see, the focus on technology as well as nutrition enables us to provide you with the most thorough and sophisticated examination and care available!

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